Bandai America is bringing back the Tamagotchi next month

Nostalgia is at an all time high. Back in the 90’s the Tamagotchi was first introduced, a miniature digital creature inside an egg shaped device that you would need to take care of constantly.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary since its release, Bandai America will be releasing miniature versions of the Tamagotchi in retails this November. For $14.99 you can raise a small creature, feed it, play with it and probably forget about it a few weeks later and find it dead due to neglect and probably starvation.

There will be 6 different designs to choose from each with a different creature inside. Bandai America revealed that the design will be similar to the ones sold in the 90’s with three buttons and a small lcd screen with no back light.

It’s kind of neat especially if you grew up playing with one. In the future it would be cool if Bandai America also decided to release the Digimon versions of the Tamagotchi in the West.