Baby Princess Leah Battling Mysterious Illness

It’s times like this that I’m glad I’m part of the global Star Wars community and able to use websites such as Nuke the Fridge for a good cause. For the past few months the Star Wars community have been gathering behind a very special girl by the name of Leah Esquenazi or Princess Leah as she has now become known as. Little Princess Leah has spent most of her young life at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and have undergone  five spinal taps, numerous biopsies, cataract surgery, tracheotomy, and a whole slew of other medical procedures while doctors attempt to figure out the mystery illness that is affecting her.

The mother and father, Zev and Frani are huge Star Wars fans and part of a number of costume communities such as the 501st and the Mandalorian Mercs. The two are even a part of a group that creates an impressive line of custom Mandalorian helmets. Since little Leah has been in the hospital the family has been struggling to pay the growing hospital bills. After hearing this Star War fans from across the world have pitched in to help aid the Esquenazi family. Those who wish to keep up to date with Princess Leah’s progress can join the FaceBook page May The Force Be With The Princess LEAH and the blog The Princess Leah Diaries. Those looking to help by making a donation can visit the Baby Leah Donation Site and here’s a video of the family thanking those who’ve made a donation and helped spread the word.


– MPsy –