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26992I’ve seen this book everywhere. I always wondered what it was. It looked like something ridiculous. I mean come on, a cop with an axe that rides a dinosaur. Who could think of something like that? Well, I remember I was watching TV one day and I heard the name “Axe Cop.” The co-creator of “Axe Cop” Ethan Nicolle,¬†was explaining how the book came about. From what I remember, it was an idea that he got from his little brother,¬†Malachai Nicolle (who was 5 years old at the time). Yes, a kid created a comic book. Now it all made sense, once you put the two together (the story and knowing it was created by a kid) you read it a bit differently and it works.Having a child write a comic is probably a ridiculous idea but at the same time it’s a great idea. What better way to get kids into comics than to have a story written by one? And what better way to find out what “Axe Cop” is all about than with a #1 issue that old costs $1?


Bad Guy Earth, was a story that no one could make up unless you are a kid. Only a kid who still has an active and great imagination could make something like this. Just by looking at the cover, you know that this is a book that’s meant to be fun and a book where anything can happen. There’s outlandish things going on on every page and every panel. For instance, a cup getting drank out of happens to have a brain. His brain? Yeah, it’s water. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. You see things like dinosaurs shooting guns and even a huge dinosaur that has machine guns attached to his body and oh yeah, he can also fly.


The fact that Ethan Nicolle could grasp Malachai’s imagination and turn it into something that everyone could experience, is really awesome. Let’s face it, kids have the best imagination and you always wonder how they come up with the stuff they come up with. Well, that’s the best thing about kids. They don’t have limits to their imagination, so just about anything can happen. You really see what goes on in a child’s mind with this story.



“Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth #1” is not just a story for children, it’s a story for anyone wants to read something fun and unique. Humor is really the start of comics, which is why they are called “comics” or “the funnies.” So why not have a humorous comic here and there? I give the Nicolle’s props for making something that seems so ridiculous and turning it into something really successful. What other 10 year old kid could say that he is the creator of a comic book and even turned it into an animated series?