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Avengers: Infinity War Review – Thanos Reigns!

After 10 years, it’s finally arrived, the moment where the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes together to take down an unstoppable tyrant. It was back in 2012 when we were first introduced to Thanos during The Avengers’ mid-credits scene. While only being shown briefly each time lurking behind the scenes and pulling the strings behind the events in Avengers and Guardian of the Galaxy, he finally decides to get his hands dirty and make sure he personally acquires all six Infinity Stones as he plans to bring balance to the universe…but at what cost?

Over the course of 18 films in the past decade, nothing can prepare our heroes for the fight they are about to face.

While it may have the title Avengers, Infinity War is all about Thanos, who serves as the film’s central protagonist. From the opening moments of the movie, Thanos is already shown to be a powerful threat to be reckoned with and nearly unstoppable. One thing that came off as surprising is how Marvel takes a different approach with Thanos. Normally, he’s a cruel, heartless monster set on causing mass genocide all to impress Mistress Death. In Infinity War, he’s instead a pragmatist filled with human emotions with his goal to bring balance to the universe in order to save it, no matter what it costs him. This makes him a phenomenal villain as he lays waste to all those standing before him.


It’s quite impressive just how well this movie comes together. With so many important Marvel heroes involved, I wondered if this would lead to certain characters only being featured for a short time and a bigger focus being put on bigger names, but that doesn’t happen at all. Each and every character has their moments that don’t feel too forced, and the narrative is well-balanced.

Easily one of the most exciting Marvel movies to date! 

There are a few notable names missing from the movie that get referenced away and explained why they are absent from the film. While you won’t see any new heroes joining the fight, we are introduced to new villains with the Black Order. They are the “Children of Thanos” who are tasked with retrieving the Infinity Stones from Earth. While they are easily forgettable characters, they serve their purpose well in helping move the story along as they face off against various heroes, as Thanos sets out to find the Soul Stone which has alluded him.

With a run time of 2 hrs and 30 minutes, Avengers: Infinity War does exactly what it sets out to do. You are already well acquainted with the characters after watching the previous 18 films in the MCU, and now they must work together or it’s the end of the universe as they know it. We see some unique pairings over the course of the film, including the Avengers coming together once again after the events of Civil War It’s all done perfectly as they eventually come face-to-face with Thanos, and it doesn’t feel convoluted or rushed in order for directors Anthony and Joe Russo to get everything they wanted crammed into movie.

Infinity War is definitely one of Marvel’s most ambitious projects. Visually, the CGI in the movie is miles above anything we’ve seen before (while I did have one issue with the film toward the final moments that looked sub-par). Excellent fight sequences are spread out across the entire movie, and some very memorable moments leave a big impact on you.

While the movie is much darker than any of the previous films, it keeps things lighthearted at times with a few quips or joke to break tension which don’t feel too forced. Infinity War is a movie that leaves the MCU open to so much more, while leaving you to ponder what is going to happen next, as it doesn’t exactly end on a major cliffhanger but has a major impact as on the MCU as we know it. To put it simply, no one is safe from Thanos!

Nuke the Fridge Score: 9/10