Aspen Marvel & DC colorist Beth Sotelo Goes Creator Owned

40 pages of comic goodness for as little as a dollar. Yes please!


Beth Sotelo is a seasoned veteran of the comic book coloring landscape. Over her career she’s beautifully brought life into books for Marvel, DC and Aspen while working with giants like Michael Turner and Jim Lee. Now she’s opening up a new world of storytelling with her new creator owned book called GRUMP!

She describes the story behind her new book as:

“Most neighborhoods have that one crazy house. Its wood is rotting and weeds are flourishing. No matter what time of day it is, it remains in the shadows. Maybe you aren’t afraid of that house, but you definitely won’t be trick-or-treating there–just to be safe.

That’s where Grump lives.

 Grump doesn’t realize he is all alone, yet he knows that something isn’t right. Eventually, it takes a series of unusual circumstances for Grump to finally meet some neighborhood kids outside his comfort zone—and soon his world is completely shaken!”

Through Kickstarter, Grump! will be a 40pg full color digital release that backers can get for as little as $1. The campaign has lots of great rewards from illustrious industry creators like Peter Steigerwald and Joe Benitez. This passion project’s campaign is still live for about two more weeks and is looking for readers who love quirky story telling.


Check out her Kickstarter here for more details and check out more of Sotelo’s work on her website