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(This article contains slight spoilers)

If you watched the latest episode of “Arrow,” you would know how great of an episode it was one of my top three favorite episodes. Not only was the storyline great but so were the references made to other DC characters and DC history. The one that particularly stuck out to me (and probably to everybody else) was the famous boxing glove trick arrow. Though in this episode, it wasn’t used exactly as a trick arrow, the fact that WB/DC found a way to make it happen on live-action television, is awesome. There have been questions from fans asking if this particular arrow would be used on the show and well now their question has been answered. Here is a brief history behind the boxing glove arrow.

In the Silver Age of comics, Ollie (Oliver) Queen made his first makeshift bow and arrow on an island after being abandon, due to falling off of a yacht. The first non-standard arrow that Ollie made was a flame arrow. A self explanatory arrow. Ollie continued to create trick arrows throughout his crime fighting career. The Green Arrow’s trick arrows included both amazingly ingenious arrows to amazingly ridiculous arrows. Some arrows that have been used in the comics are arrows such as:  firecracker arrows, handcuff arrows, fire extinguishing arrows, mummy arrows, stunner arrows, balloon arrows, net arrows, sonic arrows, rain arrows, phantom zone arrows, jellyfish arrows, and the list goes on and on. But no arrow has been most talked about than the boxing glove arrow.

The boxing glove arrow was first introduced about six years after the character of Green Arrow was introduced. Here’s an image below of how it was used.




As you can see, this is when comics were a bit more fun and used a lot of campiness in them. Since then, the boxing glove arrow has been used here and there throughout the comics…

trick-arrow_green-arrow2_564and it was even used on a DC animated series…


The boxing glove arrow may be on of the most ridiculous weapons used by a DC character but it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most memorable.  The last episode of “Arrow” included a lot more DC references. It was really one of the greatest episodes of “Arrow,” in my opinion. if you already haven’t watched it, watch it as soon as you get a chance. You won’t be disappointed and will even have a laugh at the boxing glove arrow getting used.