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Nuke the Fridge announced in February that an Archie vs. Predator comic book mini-series was in the works. Now the Predator has arrived to meet the Riverdale gang and he has a few days to kill. You can find the first issue at your local comic book shop or comic book outlet now.

Archie vs. Predator1Billed as the wildest Archie crossover ever. America’s favorite teen meets the galaxy’s fiercest hunter! Archie and friends hit Costa Rica for Spring Break, where party games and beach games are soon replaced by the Most Dangerous Game! What mysterious attraction does the gang hold for the trophy-collecting Predator, and will the kids even realize they’re in danger before it claims them all?

The series blends humor with science-fiction. 

Archie vs. Predator, issue #1 of 4 is currently available. The series comes from the mind of writer Alex de Campi (Grindhouse, My Little Pony,) penciler Fernando Ruiz, inker Rich Koslowski, and colorist Jason Millet. The cover art was created by Fernando Ruiz, and Rich Koslowski with Jason Millet. The series is published through Dark Horse Comics. 

Source: Dark Horse Comics