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Archangel: Hellfire’s Team Deathmatch is a mech lovers dream

Have you ever dreamt of piloting your very own giant Mech? While it may just be something right now only possible in movies, television and video games, if you own either an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift you might just get the best experience of your life.

Recently, I had the chance to try out Archangel: Hellfire’s new Team Deathmatch mode, which is now available for Early Access on Steam and Oculus for those who own Archangel. While I enjoyed what I played from the original single player campaign mode, I couldn’t help but love the fast paced action of teaming up with a partner as you both face off against real players in a battle of survival and supremacy.

At the start of the game, you can select between three different mechs each with their own unique abilities. You have the light mech which while it doesn’t do a lot of damage and has a lower health bar it makes up for all that with its speed, your mid size mech is average in all aspects while your heavy is a giant beast that can take more damage but is the slowest of the three. Each Mech has two different weapons to cycle through on each arm which can be cycled through quickly with a push of a button but after using them you have to wait awhile for them to recharge before it can be used again.

Strategy is a huge part of the game, with three different mechs to choose from how you are able to take advantage of their unique abilities and the terrain of each maps is key. You are also able to adjust your mechs setting in battles, by looking up you are able to see two different sliders on both the left and right side inside your cockpits. The left side lets you adjust your attack and defense while the right side lets you adjust speed and energy, however, maxing out one will lower the rest so being able to change your performance on the fly can be key such as in a dog fight going all out in an attack or if you find yourself facing two opponents adjusting your performance to defense or speed to get out of the line of fire might be key.

As you fight you also build up energy, at the cost of 50% you are able to use a special ability which in case of the small mech is activating a cloak which can be useful to hide from opponents and occupy their blind spot or save all your energy to unleash an ultimate attack when you reach 100% both of these can be activated inside your cockpit by hitting a button and depending on your mech you get a different outcome which includes a barrage of missiles from high in the sky called death from above, a railgun that can do massive damage and an EMP like special which will drain opponents energy if they are nearby.

Each mech is equipped with two shields, with one on each arm and can be used to block a certain amount of incoming attacks before they disperse and need to be charged you can also use the terrain to your advantage to hide from your opponents view and sneak up on them, however, certain attacks can destroy the terrain which can make a big difference. Also placed around the maps are also various items you can collect which can increase your health in case you’ve taken too much damage and one that can increase your energy.

I had a lot of fun playing a few matches with the developers, sure I didn’t do as good while I experimented with the three different mechs and familiarized myself with the maps. Its a fun rush and fills the inner fanboy in me and more importantly I never felt sick while playing the game which is a huge plus seeing as the entire game is fast paced where you find yourself moving around quickly, turning in an instant to avoid gunfire as you try to take down your opponents.

Archangel: Hellfire‘s Team Deathmatch alone is a great experience and worth the price of the game. It’s a game you have to check out if you love giant mechs.