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Arc System Works to release original Guilty Gear on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC

Arc System Works recently held a special live stream yesterday to celebrate the series 20th anniversary. One of the announcements the company made was plans to bring the original Guilty Gear to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Originally released on May 14, 1998, Guilty Gear would be released in North America by Atlus a few months later and in Europe in 2000. While the game is available on the PlayStation Store as a PlayStation One Classic in Europe and Japan but for some reason it was never available in North America.

Guilty Gear only includes three modes: Arcade, Training and Versus with thirteen playable characters including : Axl Low, Chipp, Dr. Baldhead (Dr. Faust), Kliff, Ky Kiske, May, Millia Rage, Potemkin, Sol Badguy, and Zato-1 with Baiken, Justice and Testament able to be unlocked.

No date was announced.