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Apex Legends Hits 25 Million Players

In unprecedented time, Apex Legends has hit an absolutely insane milestone. 25 Million Unique Players in just a week.

So what about the other mega popular battle royale, Fortnite? Well, here is the breakdown…

It only took Apex to reach 10 million in 72 hours, and a week for 25 million players. Epic did not release many metrics early on for Fortnite, we do know they reached 10 million after 3 weeks, when 45 million after 4 months.

So that’s it? Apex Legends is The official Fortnite Killer? Well, not quite yet. Fortnite still has 200 Million players under it’s belt as of November 2018. This does include platforms such as Nintendo Switch and Mobile, those platforms are currently not represented in Apex Legends, but one is inclined to think it is only a matter of time.


Full details on numbers, and a tease of future Apex plans can be found here