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Anime Expo 2022: Music of Evangelion

Professors John Marr, Elliot Jones, and David Lopez are back at Anime Expo with an all-new panel about the music of Evangelion this year! As many anime fans know, music is a critical part of many series and a good number have become classics. In these professors’ music panel series, they review the relevant history and the reasons why certain pieces were selected and how they have become so famous. They provide musical analysis of the selected tracks to help audiences understand how music has guided us in our anime watching.

Starting with the iconic “Cruel Angel’s Thesis,” Professor Marr breaks down the different musical keys and techniques used in the song. Professor Jones continues with an overview of “Dies Irae” and the significance of this piece. Next, Professor David Lopez describes the instruments used in the track for “Angel Attack II,” pointing out how each one contributes to the specific emotions and effects for the relevant scenes.

Professor Marr selected “Decisive Battle” by Shiro Sagisu as his next track of choice. Surprisingly the theme is based on that of the “007 Theme” from James Bond. He reviews the instruments, meter, and structure of the song. Professor Lopez then continues with his next piece of choice, “Hedgehog’s Dilemma.” This one is more of a reflective song, and Professor Lopez describes the elements that create this sense of quiet reflection. Wrapping up, Professor Jones finishes with a background of the infamous “Messiah” by Handel. Interestingly, since Evangelion uses plenty of classical music, there are full Evangelion OST versions of these classical tracks available on the market.

A unique topic amongst the many sponsor and industry announcement panels, it is a joy as a music lover to see professionals tackle anime music. As demonstrated by the crowd of almost 700 attendees lined up for this panel, many anime fans also see this as a worthwhile subject. For those interested in performing anime music as part of a choir, Professors Marr and Jones also organize the Anime Spectacular concert at Santa Ana College.

Catch them at their next anime music panel at a future convention.