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Anime Expo 2019 – My Hero Academia – Heroes: Rising Teased

My Hero Academia is an explosive show that is rocking the world with its popularity. Between it’s great story telling and characters, fans have been delighted in the series so far.

Now the series is getting it’s 3rd, and most likely last movie Tie- in.

Debuting on December 20th, Heroes:Rising will come to theaters in Japan and The US.

However, this very well may be the last film tie-in. Series creator Horikoshi teased that this secondĀ My Hero Academia film will be the last, as “there won’t be a third film. Probably”. Claiming that this film will act as sort of finale.

Now, this does not mean an end to the series as a whole, much more likely this just means to the making of the films. The Manga is still far enough ahead of the Anime, and the next season of the anime premieres this October.