Amy Gumenick Will Join the Cast of ARROW to Play A Lovestruck Villain


Entertainment Weekly has reported that Amy Gumenick will be joining the cast of “Arrow,” to play Carrie Cutter aka Cupid.

Amy Gumenick is mostly known for her work as young Mary Winchester on another CW show, “Supernatural.”


In the comics, Carrie Cutter thought her husband had abandoned her. She then joins a program that would make her fearless. This is where her emotions got amped up, here strength increases and she has some memory loss. After a number of years, she discovers that her husband, who she thought was gone, is still alive and living in Star City. Green Arrow kills the husband, thinking it was just some man abusing a woman. This is where the obsession of Green Arrow began for Carrie Cutter aka Cupid. The character first appeared in 2009 in “Green Arrow and Black Canary” #15.

Amy Gumenick will appear as Carrie Cutter in the third season of “Arrow,” which begins Oct. 8.

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