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AMC’s “The Walking Dead” May Become a Feature Film

Namtar here…

There have been many television shows that have made the great leap to feature films.  Some such as: “Sex in the City,” “Dragnet,” “Starsky and Hutch,” and “The Brady Bunch Movie,” have done respectable business at the box office.  Other films like “The X-Files: I Want to Believe,” and “Serenity” did not fare as well. Following in the same vein, rumor has it that Robert Kirkman’s highly ambitious rabid hit “The Walking Dead” may be made into a feature film.

With all the elements in place, a huge fan following, a compelling storyline, and lots and lots of “Walkers,” a film version would certainly be successful. A foreseeable concern with going to the big screen is the pacing.  On cable the show slowly unfolds like a flower opening in spring.  It is deliberate, but holds the audience’s attention.  For the big screen, loose plot threads must be tightened, one or two subplots will need to run parallel to the main plot, a quick pace will need to keep things moving along, and there has to be a nice climactic finish, which would more than likely conclude the series.  All of this has to be crammed into a ninety minute to two hour film.

Excitement has been building with season two’s strange but gripping cliffhanger with season three debuting in only two short months.  Rumor has it that all this talk is just what it is — all talk.  No official announcement has been made about the series, which was adapted from a popular comic book.  “The Walking Dead” is likely running around in the same rumor mill as other television shows such as “24,” “Lost,” and “The Sopranos.”  There was talk of feature films for these programs, but nothing ever came to fruition.

Before “The Walking Dead” could even be thought of as a movie, the series will have to run a few more seasons before AMC makes a move on producing a film.  More of the back story has to be flushed out, and other characters must be brought in to add some richness to the cast.  Okay, no more rambling, what do you think about “The Walking Dead” as a feature film?

The third season of “The Walking Dead” begins on Sunday, October 14th on AMC.

Source: IGN, Bloody-Disgusting