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AMC Will NOT Ban Costumes in Their Theaters!

Karla from Downey here for Nuke the Fridge

AMC Theaters has issued an official statement in response to conflicting reports that they would ban all costumes from their theaters following the massacre at the “Dark Knight Rises” premiere in Aurora, Colorado. AMC took to Twitter to reassure its followers of their policies. AMC will still allow guests to appear in costume but will not allow guests with face concealing masks or fake or real weapons.

Here is what AMC had to say:

The right to cosplay is the right of every nerd. That may sound glib but it is something that brings many of us nerds and fans a lot of joy. People all over waited in line for hours to see this movie. Some dressed as Batman or Robin. Some as the Joker or Bane. We dress up as heroes and villains for fun. And for a couple of hours, we lose ourselves in the world of Gotham City. We can come back to our real lives when the movie is over and we identify that much more with our favorite character. What James Holmes did was terrifying in its planning and grief inducing at its finale.

AMC is trying to give us back some of our normalcy. When I go watch “The Dark Knight Rises”, I’ll take a little bit of comfort in seeing all the heroes and villains of Gotham City.