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Amazon adds listing for a SNES New Nintendo 3DS XL System

The Super Nintendo Classic Edition is finally out as of last month but it won’t be the only SNES themed item coming out this year. A new listing on Amazon has revealed that Nintendo will be releasing a Super Nintendo themed New Nintendo 3DS XL on November 27th.

Nintendo New 3DS XL – Super NES Edition

Coming pre-loaded with Super Mario Kart, the Super NES Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL will run you $199.99. What’s not to love though since the system nails the iconic look of the Super Nintendo including the power, eject and reset buttons on the front along with the two shades of purple that make up the face buttons.

The only thing cooler would be if we were also getting the Super Famicom themed New Nintendo 3DS XL system that Japan and Europe released earlier this year.