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Amazing Glimpse at PACIFIC RIM with New TV Spot


Caliburn24 here on Monster Island.

Kaijus (giant monsters) and mecha (giant robots) never looked so good with Pacific Rim. Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995) went some ways into creating kaiju that were more realistic than the guys in monster suits. In that film, director Shusuke Kaneko, laid out a real world affected by the rampage of the kaiju. There was mecha in films like Gunhed (1989) and giant robots have fought giant monsters in everything from the Ultraman series to Jet Jaguar in Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973). Guillermo del Toro’s bringing not only a world with believeable kaiju, but also mecha, Jaegers. The second tv spot covers a few new scenes. There is a look at the fiery rift that is “deep beneath the Pacific” which is also discharges blue energy. A F-18 jet fighter strafes one of the kaiju, but crashes into it. A Jaeger rises up on its platform. Idris Elba, playing Stacker Pentecost, gives a doomsday speech, “We have one last chance, one final assault with everything we got.” Two Jaegers are lowered into the Pacific. A series of a Jaeger punching, Jaeger pilots connecting via the Drift, Kaiju destruction, and people on the streets. Pacific Rim rises on July 12th.