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Am I the only one NOT playing Diablo III?

Mouse here and I’ll admit, I’m a geek…..

I did my time working in the video game industry; I have my fair share of geeky trinkets and gadgets. I just secured my pass to E3, I enjoy games…I enjoy them because I love them.

But today…today is the release of the highly anticipated Diablo III (D3).

And I’m not playing it.

It’s not that I hate the game. On the contrary, I used to work at Blizzard. I worked on World of Warcraft. I still have a lot of great friends there. I have no animosity toward Blizzard, nor its products or employees.

And it’s not that I’m poor. I have a great career; I can certainly afford D3. I saw Avengers on a midnight release; I’ve waited for games in the middle of the night.

So why is it I’m not on this D3 bandwagon right now?

Several reasons.

1)     A great game is still a great game, no matter when you get it.

2)     There are so many awesome unique games out there that I want to play.

3)     I still have games I haven’t finished yet.

4)     I’m approaching finals in my Master’s classes.

5)     I’m getting married this summer.

6)     I just acquired a new puppy.

Am I trying to make a statement about how superior I am?  Absolutely not. I understand that thousands of people have been infected with the “D3 virus” today; my Facebook is littered with people telling me how they got D3 1, 2, even 4 days early and that they’ve been sitting on this piece of gold until launch day. I’m happy for the people that have the game.

Unfortunately, it’s more of the same Diablo. When I played Diablo 2 (and its expansion), I played that thing to death. I got the map hacks and I put down Diablo more times than I could count. I got friends into it…hell, I bought the game for friends that didn’t have it. I wasn’t even working for Blizzard at the time; I just loved the game.

D3? Yeah, there’s updated graphics and new “stuff”, but can I invest the time I did for D2 into this game?

I’m not sure these days.

Sometimes…life must take over and video games have to take a back seat…at least temporarily.

A wise man once said to me: Make games, Play games, Have a life. You can only pick two. I’ve bounced between playing games and making games as well as playing games and having a life. But this time, making (rather teaching) games and having a life are my current choice.

I will visit this D3 universe.

Just not now.