‘Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’ Review: A Night That Has No Ending…Literally

large_its_already_tomorrow_in_hong_kong_ver2Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes a movie based on Cupid’s favorite thing in the world, romance. Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong follows a young and beautiful American Chinese toy designer from LA, Ruby (Jamie Chung), as she visits Hong Kong for the first time and finds herself stranded. An American expat Josh (Bryan Greenberg), offers to show Ruby around the city in a night full of possibilities and chemistry. Little did the pair know that they would run into each other once again, a little over a year from the night that they had first met and who know what will happen next? I mean that last part quite literally.

Throughout the film, you see two people that have an obvious connection. You find yourself rooting for the two that’s up until Josh drops truth bomb that almost makes you lose almost all respect for him. After a whole night that some would consider to be a great first date, Josh finally tells Ruby that he’s currently in a relationship. This is what makes the two separate for the night, never planning on seeing each other again.

In a happenstance, the two run into each other on a fairy boat in Hong Kong over a year later. This leads into deja vu as the two decide to hang out for the night…again but this time the two are more cautious as they both reveal that they are in current relationships. Yet again, Ruby and Josh have an amazing night and they both realize it. The night is so amazing that they both consider their current relationships. When this happens, Ruby drops a truth bomb on Josh. Ruby lets Josh know that not only is she in a relationship but she is engaged. How’s that for a twist?

Now here’s the problem that I had with the film, not only did I just watch two people practically cheat on their significant others on two separate nights (or an hour an eighteen minutes) but to make it worse, once it comes time for both to make a decision whether the night will last longer or have it come to an end, we don’t even get to see the decision. The film ends with an unnecessary cliffhanger.

I feel like cliffhanger endings only work for franchises, a TV series or if the cliffhanger just makes you use your braincells and think, much like Christopher Nolan’s Inception. When it comes to romance movies, there is always some sort of ending that leads into the cliffhanger ending. This film had absolutely no conclusion and made me feel like I watched a two night date that had no conclusion whatsoever.

When it comes to acting, it’s really a two person film. Jamie Chung and Bryan Greensberg managed to make their on screen chemistry last throughout the whole film.  Greenberg‘s character, Bryan, seemed to be a bit inspired by John Krasinski and Jamie Chung‘s character, Ruby, seemed very natural.


Director Emily Ting really did well in making you feel what the characters were feeling. The acting was pretty decent and Jamie Chung was absolutely the star of the film. The film had a lot of promise and it kept me wanting to know where the main characters’ relationship would lead to but even after the film, I was still left wondering where it lead to. I mean sure, when you are on a really good date, you often think to yourself “I wish this night would never end”, but when it comes to a movie, it made me feel unsatisfied that I just watched a film with no ending at all.

I give Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong 6 fridges out of 10.