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All-New Series ‘INTERNATIONAL IRON MAN’ Coming Early Next Year

Tony Stark goes international in International Iron Man!

Coming in early 2016, Brian Michael Bendis (Invincible Iron Man) and Alex Maleev (Daredevil) will tell the new tale of Tony Stark as Stark heads out of New York and attempts to defend the rest of the world, and helping him do that will be an unlikely partner, Doctor Doom.

“We can all reach out to each other no matter where we are in the world. We feel each other’s pains and victories. I think for Tony it’s like that times 100. He’s much more aware of the global situation and how a big fight with Galactus in New York would affect things in other parts of the world.” Bendis told EW. “If I was a villain, New York is the last place I’d attack, because you know, just by math, there are 700 superheroes in a 17-block radius. I’d go anywhere else. We’ll be dealing with some of the criminals in the Marvel Universe who are smart enough to put that together in their head finally. Tony’s gonna be racing to help people that don’t necessarily always get the attention of the Marvel superheroes.”

International Iron Man will also be translated into the respected languages of 25 different countries and will be printed for over 40 different countries in English.