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92194You’ve really haven’t seen Alien vs Predator like this before but you should!


When a Predator is exposed to a mysterious genetic accelerant, the rest of the hunting party is put in unforeseen peril. And as the android Elden continues his violent evolution, his xenomorph allies reject him from the hive.


Writer Christopher Sebela really brings out the best of these iconic characters. To see these creatures and hybrids evolve are amazing. You really never think of Xenomorphs and Predators getting any better but with this whole Fire and Stone series, it’s definitely great to see. The story is great as it’s a key issue in the Fire and Stone series but then again, all of the issues in the Fire and Stone series seem like key issues. That’s a testate to all of the writers and artist involved. avpfsn3p1

Speaking of artists, Ariel Olivetti is an amazing artist. His art is like a gorgeous painting in every single panel. No matter big or small, Olivetti makes images look like poetry. Olivetti’s art can be seen in this series as well as some Marvel comics. Not to take anything away from Sebela but Olivetti’s art is what struck me the most with this issue.


The whole Fire and Stone crossover series has been great so far. Like I said before, these writers just make iconic characters even more amazing than we knew they were. Dark Horse is to thank for making the Alien vs. Predator something to be proud of and certainly Dark Horse is doing these characters justice as well as giving the fans what they want to see.

Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone #3 will be available this Wednesday. (Dec.3)