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‘Adventure Time: Stakes!’ DVD Review

Stakes! Box Art 2DCartoon Network’s Adventure Time: Stakes! mini-series, comes to DVD Jan.19 and I have an early review for you!

Adventure Time: Stakes!, which appeared on the Cartoon Network November of 2015, is an eight part mini-series that centers around Marceline the Vampire Queen. Marceline wishes to be normal, as in a everyday human that can go out in the sun and not have to feast on blood. As Marcy turns to the help of her friend Princess Bubblegum, to make that wish come true, five of Marcy’s foes comeback. Marcy faces her foes including her biggest nemesis, the Vampire King. How will it all end?!

I have reviewed a few of the Adventure Time DVD releases and I have also stated that I’m not much of a fan of the show but I have to say, this Stakes! mini-series was actually pretty good! Usually in Adventure Time episodes, it seems like there is like thirty percent plot and seventy percent random happenings going on. For me, the random happenings tend to distract from the plot. With this mini-series, I feel like it was more plot than random stuff going on. You get to see an origin story of Marceline the Vampire Queen, along with her new journey to becoming human-like and you get to see her history come back to haunt and hunt her. The eight episodes were easy to follow and most of the fan-favorite characters make an appearance and of course, it has plenty of songs, since Marcy loves to play bass guitar.

The runtime of the mini-series is approximately eighty-eight minutes long, which about the length of a full movie, so it’s a good length.

Special Features

Some of the special features included with the DVD are Never-Before-Seen features. You get Animatics to all eight episodes. If you don’t know what animatics are, they are basically a rough version of the episode that have the voiceovers and sketches/storyboards, just before the animators finalize the animations and have the inkers add the inks. The Animatics are just about the same length as the full episodes. You also get some of the song demos of the songs that were featured in the mini-series. There’s also an art gallery included, which features character designs, sketches and images from scenes in the mini-series.

These features are all pretty good and it’s good to see that Cartoon Network has been including more features with their in-home releases. It makes the costumer feel like they get more for their money.


There’s nothing too special about the packaging other than that it’s a white DVD case, rather than a standard black case. There is no image on the DVD disc but it’s purple, if that sort of thing matters.


As someone that isn’t a fan of the Adventure Time series, I actually liked this mini-series. It had plenty of plot for me to know what was going on and it was easy to follow. The special features are pretty cool for fans of the show. I wish there was some commentary from the cast or creators, or some kind of behind the scenes featurette but for $14.97, you do get a good amount of product for that price, so I can’t complain much. If I liked this DVD, I’m really sure that Adventure Time fans would love it.

I give Adventure Time: Stakes! DVD 8 fridges out of 10.