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Things are heating up as Flame Princess and Ice King battle it out in the latest Adventure Time DVD release “Adventure Time: Frost & Fire.”

Here’s my review…

The DVD collection features 16 episodes. The episodes include:

  1. Frost & Fire
  2. Earth & Water
  3. Jake the Brick
  4. The Prince Who Wanted Everything
  5. Something Big
  6. Return to the Nightosphere
  7. Daddy’s Little Monster
  8. Joshua and Margaret Investigations
  9. Davey
  10. The Pit
  11. Freak City
  12. Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
  13. James
  14. Time Sandwich
  15. Apple Thief
  16. Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe

Each episode is a little over 11 minutes long, so all together the run time of the collection is 176 minutes. One of the episodes features Fionna and Cake the cat. If you’re a big Fionna or Cake fan, this may be a problem for you. If you’re more of  a Finn and Jake fan, then you’ll be absolutely be happy with this collection.

One part the dvd lacks is the extras. Well it does more than lacks because there are no extras in the collection.

I know that Adventure Time has a huge fan base and I also think that the majority of the fan base will love this collection. It’s a good collection and 16 episodes are a good amount of episodes. What I think would have helped the collection be even better is some bonus features; whether it was some deleted scenes, a couple of lost episodes, a sing a long or even a short behind-the-scenes documentary, would have given the fans some more Adventure Time to enjoy.

“Adventure Time: Frost & Fire” is available March 3.