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Advanced Review: Mystery Girl #1

28151From the third largest publishing company comes Mystery Girl! It’s mysterious, new and very different.

In Mystery Girl #1, written by Paul Tobin and art by Alberto Alburquerque, we meet Trine Hampstead, a girl who knows everything! She’s a sidewalk psychic. If that doesn’t sound catchy and interesting enough, there’s a catch to her knowing everything. The one thing that she doesn’t know is how she knows everything. Ironic right?

Paul Tobin who’s known for his very dynamic and twisted writing skills with The Colder series and even lent his writing skills to Dark Horse’s Plants vs. Zombies series, once again rises to the occasion and makes another series intriguing.

Obviously with the title, you know there will be mystery involved but Paul Tobin makes this new mystery series into something that has a lot of potential to be one of the top titles simply because it’s different than what is out right now, which something that Dark Horse is known for. Dark Horse continues to put out titles that are very different from companies like Marvel and DC and that’s the reason that Dark Horse has had the success that it has had over the years.


If you are looking for something new and different, you have to check out Mystery Girl. It does have some of the same elements as other titles like Marvel Girl and iZombie, it even has a little feel of Veronica Mars all rolled into one but it has Tobin’s twist to it which makes it unique. There’s crime, mystery, fantasy and humor, so there is something for everyone. Mystery Girl #1 comes out December 2.