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Adam Sandler in “Jack and Jill”

Namtar here…

Adam Sandler is about to debut another holiday film, which arrives in theaters in early November. His latest exploits challenge him to play two different roles in this upcoming comedy entitled “Jack and Jill.”

With the tag line: His twin sister is coming for the holidays… and it ain’t pretty. A family man is forced to deal with his twin sister from the Bronx who comes to Los Angeles for a visit — then won’t leave.

Sandler plays both Jack and dresses in drag to play twin Jill. Does this comedy, which Sandler’s Happy Gilmore Productions is producing, seem formulaic and contrived like most Sandler films from the last few years? Although Sandler is amusing, when will he switch gears to try humor that’s a little more sophisticated instead of slapstick? The storyline is predictable. A happy man is invaded by a threat, which is his ugly twin sister. She stirs up trouble and causes mayhem in the man’s life and household, and then finds romance, and through some impossible set of circumstances finds peace with her brother and herself. Well, that’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it.

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“Jack and Jill” arrives for the holidays on November 11th, and stars Adam Sandler, Al Pacino, Katie Holmes, Allen Covert, Dana Carvey, Shaquille O’Neal, Regis Philbin, Tim Meadows, Natalie Gal, Katelyn Pacitto, Kara Pacitto, and Valerie Mahaffey. The screenplay was written by Steve Koren, Robert Smigel, and Ben Zook, which is based on a story by Ben Zook. Dennis Dugan directs.

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