Actor Tom Hiddleston crashed the stage at Michigan’s Wheatland Music Festival to perform the Hank Williams classic “Move it On Over.” Hiddleston did not do this as a dare or a stunt. He has a stake in making Hank Williams’ music his own because he will play the country music legend in an upcoming biopic entitled, “I Saw the Light.”


Hiddleston does an admiral job performing the song, but the hillbilly taping the number can’t seem to keep it locked on his intended subject and later in the video the image goes swinging wildly around. To top that off, the camera guy is yelling at his kid and tries to get on stage for a closer look by asking one of the festival’s employees. Of course, he is told, “No!” Typical! Other than that enjoy!

“I Saw the Light” is set for a 2015 release. The biopic will begin production in Louisiana in October. The film stars Tom Hiddleston. Marc Abraham wrote the screenplay based on the biography by Colin Escott. Mark Abraham directs.

Sources: MTV, IMDb

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