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A ‘Lost Boys: The Thirst’ Review Here!!

Last week over at Comic Con there was a  screening of  ‘Lost Boys 3: The Thirst’ over at the Hilton hotel. This review was sent to me from a person that found it on Facebook.

“OK,,,so the news any one wants to hear is ,is the film any good or is it to be another cash in sequel that sucks the big 1? and the verdict is…………………. its amazing, with abudget of over 30 million dollars more than the tribe ,the thirst is going to blow you away wether or not you are a fan of the two other films or a new addition to the franchise,with out giving to much away feldman as co producer,has clearly listned to the fans and what they wanna see this time around and his touch can be clearly seen throughout the film. The only ties from what i could se with the tribe was that the opening scene involves the stand of between sam and edgar,,ill say no more sams character has a number of referances during the film , and there are commentary flashbacks of what bridges the gap between the films…..as if the tribe never happened. a lot of people are asking whats the deal with alan frog,, i wont say as its a major spoiler and believe me u have to see it to believe what direction and story they go with,the acting is still a little crapy but better than the tribe,the effect and vampire make up is great,i tell you know the frog bros are indeed back,and for 1 i cannot wait for the release on oct 12th.”