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A Hat In Time Finally Gets A Nintendo Switch Release Date, Top Seller On Amazon

After months of fans commenting and berating the team behind the wildly successful 3D platformer A Hat In Time we finally have a release date.

The team at Gears For Breakfast broke the news via a teaser trailer on Thursday.

And that date is October 18th.

A Hat In Time is an absolutely adorable 3D platformer Kickstarted back in 2013 and released in 2017 on Windows and Mac. The game follows Hat Kid as she lands on a mysterious planet and teams up with Mustache Girl to take down the mafia after they broke into her ship causing her to become stranded until she collects enough Time Pieces to go home. The game has been objectively applauded for its fantastic open world design and charm throughout.

Since then we have seen multiple DLC updates for the game including Seal the Deal that will come with the Switch version.

Seal the Deal included a new chapter, a new challenge mode, and a co-op mode. PC and Switch are currently the only versions announced with co-op.

As of writing, A Hat In Time is currently beating Zelda: Links Awakening HD, Astral Chain, and Super Mario Maker 2 on Amazons top sellers list.

A Hat in Time will finally arrive on Nintendo Switch with Seal the Deal on October 18th.