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Joker’s Daughter #1 Review!

If the Joker really had a daughter, I’m sure she’d be more interesting.

Batman- The Dark Knight (2011-) - Featuring Joker's Daughter23.4-000

We don’t get to review everything that we’d like to at Nuke The Fridge, so typically I skip writing the bad reviews because if something isn’t worth talking about the best thing to do is ignore it. Plus focusing on the negative is a Louis Love thing : ) . However sometimes something comes along that you should warn people to avoid at all cost. Joker’s Daughter #1 is that thing.

First of all it’s just a weird book. It doesn’t have much to relate to in the Batman universe, maybe just what’s going on in the Catwoman series and it doesn’t tie into Forever Evil in any way. The problems begin with the character, who happens to be the most uninteresting villain in any age of comics. Writer Ann Nocenti just pens a story about a crazy chick who stumbles upon the Joker’s face floating in a pool of water. Yep, that’s the origin of the Joker’s Daughter. The book goes into her childhood to give you a lot of details but the bits and pieces aren’t enough to give us a reason to even have a remote interest in Duela. There isn’t a logic behind her upbringing that would justify her state of mind. She was just born crazy and goes from there to lead a weird misfit revolution dethroning an equally lame guy in a jacket made out of pennies. That’s it.

The art of Georges Jeanty feels uninspired, and with the lackluster narrative material who could blame him. Figures are well posed but repetitively have the same expressionless emotions. Visually it doesn’t line up with what’s going on in the book, she burns smiles into peoples faces that look like a sunburn at best and the action doesn’t feel dynamic. It’s hard to decide whether the art brings down the story or vice versa.

Batman- The Dark Knight (2011-) - Featuring Joker's Daughter23.4-009

Ultimately the bad drastically outweighs any good moments in the book. The premise of the character has a lot of potential, we all know girls can be crazy, but it just misses the mark on so many levels that it’s almost unreadable. There’s not really a point to the character and definitely not enough of one to justify her own book.

1 out of 10! Skip it!