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Arnold pumps you up for YouTube Comedy Week on May 19-25

imageArnold Schwarzenegger pumps you for the first ever YouTube Comedy Week with this new video.

Also, check out other new teaser trailers from some of the stars participating in YouTube Comedy Week including:

The Shoot (50 sec spot) (Ensemble cast)
Advice (Sarah Silverman & College Humor)
Rap (Epic Rap Battles & Epic Meal Time)
Who will win? (Rainn Wilson, Ryan Higa, Grace Helbig)
Fake Laughing (The Lonely Island and Sarah Silverman)
Exquisite (The Lonely Island)

About YouTube Comedy Week (May 19-25)

YouTube Comedy Week will showcase the best of comedy with live events, video premieres and creative collaborations from the world’s funniest people. From May 19-25, YouTube Comedy Week will bring together the biggest names in comedy on YouTube and beyond to create a one of a kind experience for comedy fans. Check it out at www.youtube.com/comedyweek