20th Century Fox Announces Release Dates For Future Marvel Films, Including FANTASTIC FOUR 2 and WOLVERINE


With the Fantastic Four reboot still in its casting stages, (which a lot of us aren’t happy with how it’s turning out) Fox has already gone full steam ahead & are wasting no time in announcing a sequel to the reboot as well as a Wolverine sequel & an untitled Marvel film.

  • The sequel to The Wolverine will hit theaters on March 3, 2017
  • Fantastic Four 2 release date will be July 14, 2017
  • The untitled Marvel film is scheduled for the release date of July 18, 2018


Fox is obviously trying to milk every cent out of the properties that they have of course, but shouldn’t they worry about finishing the Fantastic Four reboot first? Especially since they’ve had so many problems with the production process & that’s before filming has even started. Not only that, but Fox will have a lot to prove with the decision of totally revamping the Fantastic Four team to where it is hardly the Fantastic Four that we are familiar with from the comics.

Sources: Fox, Collider