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2 New Actors Rumored to Play ANT-MAN!


There have been countless rumors on who will play the shrinking scientist Hank Pym aka Ant-Man in the upcoming Marvel movie. Today two more names are added to the list.

According to Trade, Joseph Gordan-Levitt (500 Days of Summer, Dark Knight Rises) & Paul Rudd (I Love You Man, This is 40) are the two “main contenders.” It’s said that both have been expected to go in & meet with both Marvel executives & Wright one more time before the choice is made.

This is interesting because both JGL & Rudd are two different types of actors. JGL has been in anything from romantic comedies to action movies & Rudd has mainly been in comedies. JGL is 32 years of age & Rudd is 44, so this is a bit of an age gap. So if this rumor is true, it shows that the studio has a pretty wide range of what they are looking for when it comes to playing Ant-Man.

Quick note, JGL was also rumored to be up for the role of Star Lord in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film. Chris Pratt ended up landing the role.

I’m a fan of both actors but I think JGL has more experience with this type of role but it would also be pretty interesting to see how Rudd would do if he got the part. Also there has been mention of a possible third actor up for the part but no word yet on who that may be or if there is an actual third actor up for the part.

The date Ant-Man is set to hit theaters has been moved up from Nov. 6, 2015 to July 31, 2015.

Who do you think would make a better Ant-Man?