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Battle Team Rainbow Rocket In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

The Holiday Season is in full swing this year with some big titled games to pick up but arguably one of the bigger titles to watch out for is Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, launching on November 17 exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. Recently some new information about the game has been released and it’s sure to excite everyone from new players to veteran fans alike.

Team Rainbow Rocket is coming and we couldn’t be more excited and terrified! Run by Giovanni, leader of the Iconic Team Rocket from Pokemon Red and Blue, this team consists of several bosses from past Pokemon games including Team Flare, Team Plasma, Team Galactic, and a few others. The motives for their surprise return are unknown at this time, but it is safe to say that with their reemergence, the Alola region is in quite the pickle.

Also announced is a new way to encounter classic legendary Pokemon from past games! Travelling through an Ultra Wormhole, Trainers in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be able to battle some of the most iconic and mysterious Pokemon from the past 20 years including Mewtwo from Pokemon Red and Blue, Ho- Oh and Lugia from Pokemon Gold and Silver, as well as Ultra Beasts. Legendaries will be exclusive between versions of the game although exploring both versions can give you an opportunity to discover them all.

Some extra additions to your new adventure in the Alola region include The Battle Agency, in which you get to become the super secret agent of your dreams and rent Pokemon to use in battle to obtain special items, there will also be a few social features that when used increase the variety of Pokemon you can rent. A new addition to the game is Totem Stickers. Totem Stickers are all over the Alola region, and when collected, you are rewarded with huge totem-like Pokemon depending on how many stickers you are able to find. Last but definitely not least is the return of the QR Scanner feature! The feature was in Pokemon Sun and Moon as a way to encounter Pokemon that did not show up in the Alola region such as Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and many more!

To check our more details about the announcement, check out the official Pokemon page linked below. See you back in Alola soon, Trainers!