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EA makes a few changes to ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Loot System making it a little more player friendly

With Star Wars Battlefront II just over two weeks away from release, many players have voiced their concern’s to EA and DICE following the conclusion of the game’s Beta. One of the game’s biggest issues voiced was it’s incorporation of a loot box system that quickly rewarded players who are willing to spend lots of real world money to purchase loot boxes, giving them a pretty big edge over those who play the game regularly.

Loot boxes aren’t anything new to players, companies have incorporated this into their games as way to maximize their profits charging real world money for virtual goods. For sometime now that it has become a normal thing, the problem about that is…well, we have come to accept this as normal.

Now for a variety of games loot boxes tend to focus more on items that don’t have a bearing on the actual game, usually things like skins or costumes but of course there are plenty of games that reward those spending real world money with more powerful weapons and that’s where fans of Star Wars Battlefront 2 are very unhappy.

To improve your character’s in Battlefront II let’s players equip Star Cards which provides everything from buff, skills and various enhancements. While Star Cards are obtainable through “Crates” at one point in time EA was also including Epic Star Cards which are the highest tier of Star Cards which meant anyone willing to drop a lot of money on buying crates would have a pretty big chance of getting a couple of Epic Cards.

Luckily EA and DICE have changed this and announced that Epic Star Cards would now have to be crafted instead of obtained via crates, aside from ones coming via starter packs, pre-orders or buying the the Deluxe Edition of the game. While players who buy multiple Crates can craft the Epic Star Cards easier than those who play the game normally, needing to earn enough points by playing the game regularly may have an advantage still, there is still a level requirement for crafting higher-tier Star Cards meaning it’s not something that will happen right away.

Finally, a few weapons will still be exclusive to crates but DICE plans on giving players access to them through regular play. To unlock a certain weapon for a class, you just need to simply play as that class and unlock milestones which will unlock crate specific items for that class.

You can read the full list of changes being made to the game here.