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101 DALMATIANS ‘Diamond Edition’ Blu-ray Review

101DalmatiansDiamond_EditionBlurayComboJust in time for Valentine’s day in Walt Disney home video has released for the first time on Blu-ray in the U.S. from their famous animated vault one of the most beloved Animated romances of all time, 101 and Dalmatians’.

For his 17th feature animated film Mr. Disney decided to adapt the beloved children’s book of the same name to the big screen, and the results we’re amazing then and still hold up very well to this day.

101 Dalmatian’s tells the story of Pongo (played very well by the late Rod Taylor) and his human Rodger Ratcliff Pongo sets out to find mates for himself and his human. He spots the perfect match for both himself and Rodger in Perdita and her human Anita and in a very cute and funny manner manages to arrange for the two humans to meet and fall in love. There is a attraction immediately between Pongo and Perdita as there is between Rodger and Anita, flash forward to the marriage of Rodger and Anita. Shortly their after the most joyous of news arrives in the form of Perdita being pregnant with puppies. The happy day of the birth of Pongo and Perdita’s puppies arrive to the happy surprise of 15 beautiful newborn pups. Everything seems right in the world until later that evening when Anita’s cruel fur loving boss, Cruella De Vil (played glamorously by Betty Lou Gerson) ,wanting to buy all 15 of the new born pups, being scoffed at and turned away by Rodger and Anita. Cruella leaves vowing to get the puppies in the end. When Cruella follows through on her word, its up to Pongo and Perdita to come to the rescue of their puppies after Cruella gets her evil clutches on them.

Whether this is your first time or your 100th time experiencing this beloved Disney animated classic, its sure to please you. As I mentioned above it holds up very well story wise 54 years later.

Betty Lou Gerson in her performance as Cruella has created one of the most terrifying Villains in cinematic history. Everyone else is also perfectly cast in their roles and Bruns and Leven’s music is just as catchy and memorable as it was back in 1961

About the Blu-ray


This marks the first time that 101 Dalmatians arrives on bluray in the U.S. though it has been on Blu-ray in most other countries in the world for the past 2 years.
While the transfer appears to be the same beautiful HD transfer of the 1.33:1 OAR seen in the U.K. and various other releases of 101 Dalamtions from 2 years ago, there are some different options for viewing the movie.

The U.S. release offers the option two view the movie pillar boxed or with the popular Disney view on which preserves the 1.33:1 aspect ratio but instead of pillar boxing the sides you have artwork that blends in with the scenes , this option wasn’t available on the releases done for other countries. Also audio wise the U.S. release includes a 7.1 DTS HD master audio track to compliment the 1.0 mono soundtrack also included on this disc.

Special Features

The Diamond edition release features several new features not seen on the platinum edition DVD or the UK bluray release these are in full 1080p HD

The Further Adventures of Thunderbolt
(1:46) Very cool continuation of the Thunderbolt cartoon that the pups are watching in the movie.

Lucky Dogs (9:08) Includes Various interview bits with classic Disney animation talent.

Dalmatians 101 (5:20) Cameron Boyce offers five cool facts about 101 dalmatians, its worth noting that Cameron will be playing the role of Cruella’s son Carlos De Vil in this summers Disney Chanel Original movie Descendants

Walt Disney Presents “The Best Doggoned Dog in the World” (51:05) From the archives this 1961 tv special presented for the first time in full HD Offers an inside peek and look at the then just released 101 dalmations as well as featuring a spotlight on some spectacular real life dogs

The following special features are ported over from the previous Platinum edition DVD release.

Redefining the line: The Making of 101 Dalmatians (33:55) a mix of new and archived interviews on the making of Disney’s 17th animated classic

Cruella De Vil : Drawn to Be Bad (7:10) a short featurette on the Development and Design of Cruella

Sincerely Yours Walt Disney(12:48) One of my favorite special features ported over from the platinum edition DVD it’s a theatrical staging of the letters and correspondences between Mr. Disney and 101 Dalmatians write Dodie Smith

Trailers and TV Spots Various Trailers and TV spots from the original 1961 theatrical release and 1979 theatrical reissue

Music and More 6 deleted and alternate versions of Songs for the movie

March of the 101 (2:29)

Cheerio, Goodbye 2:32)

Don’t Buy a Parrot from a Sailor (2:39)

Dalmation Plantation 2:45 and 1:03

Kanine Krunchies Jingle 9 alternate takes (5:41)

Cruella De Vil Original version 3:47

Cruella De Vil Jazz version 2:15

Cruella De Vil Honky Tonk version 1:22

Cruella De Vil (Rod Taylor vocals)