“Jurassic Park” May Get a Reboot!

Namtar Here –

Every second grade student studies dinosaurs.  The creatures that existed in earth’s prehistory have a unique and mystical allure about them.  The fondness for these animals is something most adults think about nostalgically.  Now producer/director Steven Spielberg is considering reintroducing the world of “Jurassic Park” to a new audience since unleashing these titans on audiences beginning in 1993.The last film “Jurassic Park III” came out in the summer of 2001.  “Jurassic Park III” was a hit, but didn’t perform as well as the first two blockbusters.  Now, Spielberg is said to have dinosaurs on his mind once again.  He is ready to roll out another installment with the creative title of “Jurassic Park IV.”  Spielberg is in talks with writer Mark Protosevich to craft a story for the next installment.

Protosevich is credited for writing “Thor,” “I Am Legend,” “Poseidon,” and “The Cell.”  He is moving into the producer and director chairs for the upcoming film “Freakshow,” which should hit theaters sometime within the next year or so.

What new dinosaur should the writer and director introduce in this new Jurassic Park film?

Answer: Newt Gingrich

Source: Hollywood Reporter