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Zenescope’s ‘Escape From Monster Island’ Variant Covers

Zenescope is coming out with a brand new mini-series, Escape From Monster Island.

The series will debut Jan. 11 and there will be a few variant covers with its release.


Writer Joe Tyler and prominent artist Carlos Granda come together with Zenescope Entertainment to deliver an action-packed adventure into the most dangerous place in the world: Monster Island.

Years ago, unbeknownst to the public, the U.S. government built a walled city on an abandoned island in the Pacific Ocean. The purpose of this city was to house an experimental testing facility for a multitude of monsters that had been captured over the years. But in 2012, disaster struck and the island was evacuated; it is now overrun by a bevy of terrifying creatures and beings. Yet something extremely valuable was left behind and now some very rich people want it.