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Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

Hiya everyone! As you many have noticed from my articles that I’m constantly on the move from geek related event to event and convention to convention. You can usually spot me everywhere from Comic-Con to DragonCon and from steampunk events to video game releases. Ever wish you were at one of these events with me? Well wish no more! Because the ‘You Know Whaaa!‘ YouTube channel has gone live this past week and we already got two videos up!

What exactly is ‘You Know Whaaa!‘ you ask? We’re a group of filmmakers, VFX artists, writers, producers, actors/actresses, and so forth aiming to work together and showcase our talents and skills for your viewing pleasure. We’re going to try and aim for at least one video update per week on our YouTube channel. So hopefully you’ll subscribe and catch the latest videos that we’ll have up. In the vlog segment of our channel you’ll be able to follow along with me on my adventures in the Southern California (and sometimes even out of SoCal) geek scene, as well as my day to day life. Check out our introduction video below as well as our first episode of our vlog!

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