Yen Press Announces New Titles Being Published, Coming October

Yen Press has announced a few new publishing acquisitions including Sword Art Online Progressive Transient Barcarolle, Gabby and Gator, My Broken Mariko, Heterogenia Linguistico, and the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice official artworks collection.

This adds onto their already impressive roster of ongoing manga including Delicious In Dungeon, Goblin Slayer, and Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Official Artworks

Created by FromSoftware, Inc.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Official Artworks is scheduled for an October 2020 release. Yen Press will also release Sekiro Side Story: Hanbei the Undying, a manga prequel of the video game, in print in June 2020.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the latest video game created by FromSoftware, the iconic studio responsible for the Dark Souls series and Bloodbourne. It was one of best-selling games of 2019 with over 4 million units sold and won Game of the Year 2019 by GameSpot’s The Game Awards. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Official Artworks is a must have for many fans eager to re-experience and learn more about the mysterious fantasy world of the game.

My Broken Mariko

Story and Art by Waka Hirako

My Broken Mariko is an intense and emotional josei manga that addresses suicide and abuse. An utterly impressive work that is sure to appeal to the passionate josei fanbase, My Broken Mariko will be published in a deluxe hardcover format.

Gabby & Gator

Gator has just never seemed to fit in with the other neighborhood pets…probably because he has a nasty habit of eating the other neighborhood pets. Flushed down the toilet as a little snapper, Gator spends his days alone in the sewers…

On the streets above, little Gabby has never seemed to fit in with the other kids in town. She’d rather collect bottles and practice her tuba than gossip with the girls down at the pool, but it does get lonely being the only vegetarian on the block…

When Gabby and Gator meet, their fun and adventures prove that the best friends are those who accept you as you are, teeth and all!

Sword Art Online Progressive Transient Barcarolle

Story by Reki Kawahara

Art by Shiomi Miyoshi

Original Illustration by abec

Sword Art Online Progressive Transient Barcarolle is a continuation of the manga adaptation of Sword Art Online Progressive, a spin-off of the original light novels that tell the untold stories taking place in the first two years of the characters’ time trapped in the game world.

Heterogenia Linguistico

Story and Art by Salt Seno

Heterogenia Linguistico is a fantasy manga with slice-of-life elements, a unique series that focuses on how various creatures such as werewolves and slimes communicate. Heterogenia Linguistico is part of a rising trend in manga with unconventional twists on fantasy storytelling such as Delicious in Dungeon and A Witch’s Printing Office.

For more information and news check out the official Yen Press site.