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From the folks that brought us BioShock and BioShock 2 video game developer 2K Marin brings to us now a reboot of 1994’s X-COM series now known simply as XCOM. With a whole new story players will be taking on the role of Special Agent William Carter who will head up an elite team of other special agents against mysterious alien entities from beyond.



A departure from the original game the reboot will be a first-person shooter but players will be able to access a special turn based tactical mode where Agent Carter can command his team. Speaking of which the agents Carter recruits can be leveled, upgraded, and best equipped to deal with the alien enemies. Players will also be able to steal and modify alien technology for their own use but if they’re put up against the wall they can use what they hijacked for a one time drop.



XCOM is scheduled to hit shelves 2012. In the meantime check out the E3 2011 trailer from Machinima.



– MPsy –