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WWE invades Brawlhalla!

Get ready to bring the Smackdown! Brawhalla, the free to play fighting game is about to get invaded by the WWE. In a new SummerSlam in game event, The Rock, John Cena, Becky Lunch, and Xavier Woods join in the mayhem that only Brawlhalla can bring you. The 4 WWE Superstars head their way as Epic Crossover skins mimicking 4 fighters from the current roster. Along with them comes a new game mode, Brawldown, which features 2 vs 2 mayhem in a WWE ring. You can use chairs and tables to stun your enemies before laying the smackdown on them!

The SummerSlam Brawlhalla event is now live, so grab your chair and show them what you’re cooking! You can read more about the event, along with patch 3.7 for Brawlhalla here.