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EA Not That Horrible? Why You Should Support Fe!

When someone mentions the name EA in 2018, that verbiage is usually met with some heartfelt screams about loot boxes, and bad balancing within games. But unknown to most EA has a side to them, that is actually, pretty cool. And that’s where Fe comes in.

In this article my goal is not to defend EA for past transgressions, or change your heart about how they wronged you with the franchise you love (Star Wars). But rather my goal here is to help us as a community to support an awesome game, that has some really great Developers behind it, while at the same time, proving to EA that the community votes with their wallet

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game Fe. It’s a 3D, adventure-based platformer. You play as Fe; Where you will Run, climb, and glide your way through a dark Nordic forest to explore its living, breathing world – one filled with secrets, legends, and mystical creatures. You will need to communicate with these different creatures to help save the forest and preserves its sacredness from the outside invaders.

The game looks like an absolute delight. It looks like a game that will really tug on your heartstrings, similar to Journey, or Ori and the Blind Forest. But other than that, its new and different. The gameplay looks fun. Whether it be you are adventuring around the forest or singing to a bird. There seems to be a lot to discover within the game.


But other than the game being a seemingly decent game, what other reasons are there to pick this one up? A few good reasons.

Fe is a part of the EA ORIGINALS program, and according to official EA originals Website, EA makes NO PROFFIT from the EA originals. EA originals are games made from smaller developers and discovered by EA and in good faith these developers are given full funding, and the EA publishing team, with no return of profits. So basically, EA publishes these games for the developers, for free.

Why would they do this? Some might say it’s a marketing campaign, some say its good will. I personally chose to believe it’s a little of both.
Plus, if the game turns out to sell really well, this shows EA what gamers really want. And we get to prove to them that not every game has to be littered with microtransaction. So they will be pushed to make more games like this in the future. But we will come back to this point later in the video.
The game was first shown off during E3 2016, and was announce for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and later the Switch. Why is this a big deal? Because EA has gone on record saying numerous times how they are weary of putting their games on the switch. And if the fans come out of the woodworks to celebrate this awesome looking game, then EA will be more inclined to put games on the switch (other than sport games). Maybe games like need for speed, battlefield, mass effect, and their upcoming Star Wars games. Heaven knows how bad I want a Star Wars game on the switch.

Us gamers like to use the term vote with your wallet. Which is to say, if you like something a company is doing, then you need to support it. And if you don’t like it, then don’t give them your money. Well, as a call to action, now is the time to vote with your wallet. Fe is turning up to be something truly special, it will be a game all people can enjoy, and something really unique and special for gaming in general. So, if this game looks like fun to you, and you have the funds to support this game. Do it!

Even If you don’t have a switch, you should still consider supporting this game on whatever platform you do have. EA need to hear from us. We need to show them that games like this are still needed in the gaming industry.

Sure, loot boxes may be profitably from them. Which we all have feelings about that I’m sure. But if we can show EA that these single player experiences are still relevant in 2018, I guarantee you we will get not only more cool EA originals from them, but more Single player blockbuster Experiences as well.


Find the full video/opinion piece here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Gav9wK74KQ&t=38s