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The Whovian Report (Breaking News): Finally – A REAL Series 8 Trailer!!!

Greetings and salutations fellow Fridge Nukers! Your Nuke the Fridge Whovian in Residence, Bradfield, here – reporting from a corner table at Uva Bar in beautiful, scenic, Downtown Disney. That’s right. When Who news breaks, not even the allure of garlic fries and craft beers can stop me from getting out the word.

BBC released yet another trailer for Doctor Who Series 8 – and this time, it’s more than just a 10 second teaser. And though BBC has kept information on the new series relatively close to their collective chest, the minute-plus trailer reveals much about the new show and newly regenerated Doctor (Number Twelve played by Peter Capaldi). Once again, we hear the Dalek-Human hybrid voice of what we can only assume is creator of the Daleks, Davros, saying “Life returns.” – most likely meaning not only himself but the perennial DW nemeses. Madame Vastra is seen for one hot second, which should be interesting, considering the last time the Silurian detective saw her friend, the Doctor, he was in his Eleventh incarnation, in the 2013 Christmas episode and Matt Smith‘s final go ’round, The Time of the Doctor. Then there’s the matter of a Tyranosaurus Rex loose in London.

We also get more clues into what the new take on the Doctor will be, and as usual, it’s pretty bloody dark, and unlike Doctors before him (at least most of the time), Capaldi’s Twelfth appears to be more proactive, by saying outright he’s made many mistakes, but indicating that it’s about time he “did something about that.” Generally speaking, the Doctor reacts to threats instead of chasing them down to rectify his own failures.

Last but not least, not only do we not know who this new Doctor is, nor does he really know who he is, but it appears the jury is out when it comes to current companion, Clara’s, opinion as well.

Pass the Jiffy Pop, fellow Whovians. I’m all in. That’s all for until the next official Whovian Report. You know the phrase by now:

The wait is over! Let the waiting begin!

The new Doctor lands Saturday, August 23rd.