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Who do you think should be in Injustice: Gods Among Us? – by Sandra Toure

Injustice: Gods Among Us, a DC related video game, developed by NetherRealm studios, has been making headlines ever since the summer of 2012.  Aside from the story line, one of the most baffling parts of the wait is finding out who will make the list of being a playable character. We’ve already seen the obvious make the list such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, but who is just as tough and unique as these three. Seventeen characters have been announced, including the three I mentioned and I have to say I am content with the list. NetherRealm used characters that many didn’t think would get the recognition that they have now, like Cyborg, Green Arrow, and Solomon Grundy. As April draws near we are greeted with the likes of Aquaman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Shazam (Captain Marvel), Catwoman, and many more. The roster has earned a lot of raised eyebrows, and it has been stated that there are more playable characters that will be presented. Who are the remaining choices that Ed Boon and company chose to represent this game? In my opinion fighters such as Black Canary and Robin (Damian Wayne) would make formidable opponents. Black Canary is a well-trained martial artist and also has the ability to use her canary cry (ultrasonic sounds from her mouth), which is very similar to Sindel’s from NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat series. Robin on the other hand, is a skilled assassin,  getting his talents from training with the League of Assassins, courtesy of his mother Talia Al Ghul. Other characters like Cheetah and even Zatanna also have the potential of making it; with their unique skill sets it would add a lot of diversity to the game. What are your thoughts? Expect to see your favorite heroes and villains duke it out this April.