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Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Full House Story tried this past Saturday and yes, I did watch it. I usually watch the Lifetime biopics just to see how cheesy and ridiculous they are. Well, some of the cast of the original Full House watched it as well and here’s what they had to say via Twitter:

Candace Cameron who played D.J. Tanner, kept it simple and accurate:

“So bad. Just so bad.”

Full House and Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin wrote:

“About that lifetime movie. Not so good. And for the record, I never had a fight with bob Saget. But at least they spelled our names right!”

Lori Loughlin who played Rebecca (Becky) Katsopolis, set the record straight and said:

“Lifetime film has taken a lot of liberties. The storyline between John and I is false.”

And finally Bob Saget who played Danny Tanner had this to say:

“Hey guys, don’t believe anything labelled ‘unauthorized.’ If you like truth, it’s in my NY Times best-seller #DirtyDaddy from @HarperCollins And don’t believe everything you read…unless I wrote it.”

All I’d like to know is one: Does Lifetime actually audition these actors that they pick for their biopics? And two: Do they even look at who these actors are supposed to portray?