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We check out some of Logitech’s coolest items including the G line, Blue speakers and Astro headphones

Earlier this week, I was invited to a special event hosted by Logitech showcasing some recently released and upcoming products from companies including a few other names that the company has acquired in the last two years including Blue and Astro Gaming. Logitech is a company I am very familiar with as I have previously worked with them in the past and have really enjoyed some of their products, a few I still use today. So I was personally looking forward to seeing what new goodies are in store especially with the holidays just around the corner.

It was a little over 3 years ago, I reviewed the Yeti microphone and I absolutely¬†love it. I use it all the time from podcasts, to livestreams and on occasion, I carry it around for interviews or when I need to record something and need great audio capture. A few months back, Blue released the Yeti Nano, the little brother to the original Yeti and does nearly everything its big brother does only it’s much smaller and easier to carry around and really more ideal as something I can have with me all the time. Like the Yeti it is USB powered and features a no-latency headphone output while being a bit cheaper. Also shown were various other microphones for those who look to go even further with a much more professional set up, which is something I may need to look deeper into in the near future.

Last year, Logitech acquired Astro which was a bit of a surprise but at the same time made perfect sense. To be honest, it’s been around 5 years since I last used a pair of Astros but so many of my friends had nothing but praise for them and my A30’s lasted me for quite some time as the sound quality on them was great. I did try the A50’s at the event and I was quite impressed while playing Black Ops 4 Blackout mode as I could hear everything surrounding me quite well which saved me a few times from death which is quite important in a mode like that. I also managed to pick up a pair of A10s which is perfect for my Nintendo Switch as I’ve mainly been using a pair of earbuds to get by so why not go the extra mile and show off my love for The Legend of Zelda?

Logitech G is a brand I am quite familiar with as I actually own a few of the older products myself. At the event, I got to spend a bit of time trying out a few of the new products and thinking it might be time to upgrade to a new keyboard and mouse, especially after seeing the Logitech’s more recent software which lets you map OBS keys for easier streaming, something that my current keyboard doesn’t exactly play nice with all the time.

Easily some of the most fun I had was playing with the Logitech Crayon, It’s a pen that’s compatible with the sixth generation of Ipads and doesn’t need to be synced to use. It’s a bit challenging to draw with one hand while trying to record myself with the other and my drawing skills are nowhere near what they used to be but I can easily find myself just spending endless hours experimenting and playing with better precision.

I’m pretty bad when it comes to editing photos, it takes me quite a bit of time to find the right values and getting everything perfect. That’s why I came to love the Logitech Craft in the short time I got to play with it. Compatible with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator along with a few other programs I found myself quickly cycling through different options and finding the perfect colors and lighting textures in seconds (which would normally take me minutes) while quickly switching to the next option with a quick slide of the fingers.

It’s a pretty solid keyboard that connects to your various devices via Bluetooth¬†and might be something I need to pick up pretty soon.

Last but not least I made my way to Ultimate Ears, it may be a name you aren’t too familiar with (I wouldn’t blame as you as I wasn’t familiar with the company myself) but its an item used by most of the world’s top touring musicians.

Ultimate Ears is a company that focuses on custom in-ear monitors, these aren’t cheap at all with the cheapest model ranging around $500 but what you get are customed fitted earbuds that are made specifically for you. It might not be for me but for music aficionados and musicians its perfect especially as each one is tailored for each unique ear via a mold.

As the event was drawing to a close I couldn’t help but wonder what else is in store for Logitech as they are currently growing larger and larger with a vast catalog of products from several companies. There were items I normally wouldn’t think to associate with Logitech, such as surveillance. There was quite a bit to see, including home security which is something I plan on covering further in the future.

With the holidays right around the corner, I might be keeping my eyes peeled on some deals on a few of these accessories.