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Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Do A Great Jar Jar Binks Impression

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch, appeared once again on the BBC’s “Graham Norton Show” and the actor was asked about his Jar Jar Binks impression and continues to “no comment” Star Wars questions. Watch the video below for his awesome Jar Jar impression. Cumberbatch also does the voice of Smaug in the video and apparently can’t say the word “penguin.”

Cumberbatch was right when he said “you don’t make much money out of doing a good Jar Jar, let me tell you that. He’s the most loathed character of any franchise ever.” But I wonder if he would have done the voice for Jar Jar, if it would have ruined his career or made Jar Jar Binks somewhat tolerable…then again, nothing can help Jar Jar.