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Viggo Mortensen Said NO to THE HOBBIT


Caliburn24 here at Imraldis, ok, Rivendell to you.

In a recent interview with the Guardian, Viggo Mortensen discussed his film projects including Everybody Has a Plan (2012) in which he plays twin brothers in Argentina. He also revealed being approached about a part in the Hobbit prequels, “No. Before they started shooting, back in 2008, one of the producers did ask if I would be interested. I said, ‘You do know, don’t you, that Aragorn isn’t in The Hobbit? That there is a 60-year gap between the books?’” Mortensen also noted he hasn’t seen the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) yet, “I’m interested in seeing that world again, and seeing what Peter Jackson’s done, how he’s made use of the improvements in special effects and cameras and the different way of shooting, which will probably enhance the visual aspect of the experience, the sound also. And I’m interested in seeing how he’s managed to make three movies out of a relatively slim volume … Jackson is a clever person – I’m sure he’ll have done something really interesting with it.” Mortensen also said that he has returned to New Zealand, “I’ve gone back occasionally to visit friends both animal and human. It’s a beautiful country.”

Mortensen, of course, played Aragorn and finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy with Return of the King (2003). The War of the Necromancer, which is the event hinted at in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit features the White Council fighting against the Necromancer (played by Benedict Cumberbatch). The White Council is made up of Gandalf played by Ian McKellan, Christopher Lee’s Saruman, Galadriel played by Cate Blanchett, and Hugo Weaving as Elrond. It is possible that Sylvester McCoy’s Radagast will take part in the War of the Necromancer. Other members of the council could be the two blue wizards who are never identified by Tolkien. The battle takes place in Mirkwood where the White Council confronts and destroys the Necromancer, formerly known as Sauron. I fully expected Aragorn to either take place in some part of the battle or refusing to be involved. Aragorn was alive at that time being one of the long-lived Dunadain. Still, it is possible that Jackson can cast a young actor in the role since Aragorn would be about 17.