Kristen-Bell-veronica-mars-movieLast week during the Television Critics Association press tour, Hallmark channel had their twice annual dinner party where journalists could sit at tables with talent from Hallmark Channel movies and series for a three course meal. I sat right next to Jason Dohring at the table for Portrait of Love, airing in March, and spent all night talking about movies, recommending Whiplash and Rudderless.

I did interview him about Portrait of Love and got to ask if he thought there would be more Veronica Mars after the Veronica Mars movie came out this year. “I would think so,” Dohring said. “It did very well. It was the number one movie on iTunes the week that it came out in the world. Every fan that I talk to, as soon as they saw the first one, they opened their wallet and said, ‘When can I help with another one?’”

Fortunately, they probably won’t need Kickstarter next time. “I doubt it. It’s done so well on its own, I think it doesn’t need it. I think it has an audience now. I think it could be financed and it could make money back because clearly it was there.”

While much of the cast has moved on to other gigs, Dohring feels they all agree they’d make time for more Veronica Mars“I think so, man. It was a project that we all grew up with. We were all in San Diego together away from our families and kind of were each other’s families, so there’s a special place for that.”

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