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After 30 Years, Undiscovered Wrestling NES Game Found

Professional wresting and gaming go hand and hand since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System and even further beyond that with games like MicroLeague Wrestling on the C64. During this period in pro wrestling the industry began seeing a large scale battle begin to take shape with WWF(now WWE) going up against its competitor WCW(previously owned by Jim Crockett before being purchased by Turner Broadcast).

What would soon follow would be an all out war between the two companies featuring competing merchandise, programs, and video games. One of those games was UWC.

UWC(Universal Wrestling Corporation) was a game developed by SETA Corporation back in 1981 for the NES but was never made public. It wasn’t until Stephan Reese, a game collector that goes by Archon1981, got it from a former Nintendo employee who was also a big wrestling fan.

The game features a roster of 8 including such legends as the Road Warriors, Sting, Ric Flair, among others.

You can watch Stephans findings in the video below: